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Yes, I never even considered the subsidies, I know it’s not for me.

I want a discount on my electricity if I have to have a solar array on my land. Even if it were otherwise free.

And not including the financing cost of buying up an this upfront.

I’m buying 36kWh solar array and it will be home made diy, used.parts and maximum jank and don’t paid upfront because that’s the only way it makes economic sense and that’s hoping it works for more than 7 years (break even point at my insolation level and and grid price (8.8$cad/kWh) and it only works with net metering)

No the underlying structure is going to change the nature of it. Yes it will eventually get corrupted and the next thing will address that too.

Actually yes, but it also was great to get everybody in here. It’s the vultures and their advertising friends that ruined the internet

As opposed to remaining in the festering shit pile that old web is becoming ?

Solutions needed, how to get the great masses seamless access to the dark web.

And how to we make dark web DNS addresses not be stupid garbage ?

Sunshine / moonlight is the future. Soon it will shed the last remains of its historical Nvidia roots.

How do you share post ? I wanted to tell my friends about this, there is no share button in jerboa

Any potato that can run a docker container. I’d say for 1 user that’s going to be under 1gb ram and 1 vcpu

Yes however they can’t get your phone without nearly as easily as a third party’s data

I think a cell phone is more than enough for one user, probably 100 users would still be fine. With a store and forward proxy even the momentary disconnections would cause missed messages nor notification

Most important is, a content discovery and sorting now lives on your device

I can but then I have to call IT to start Excel with elevated privileges so I don’t

I’m Samir, I can code kernel drivers in vba

Just label them up, north, east instead of x,y,z