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People won’t all stop doing something they did just because it became illegal. I wouldn’t stop eating bread if it became illegal, for instance. Much easier to justify a search and witch hunt if there’s evidence of previous action.

Right, the pretty little button needs more shadows

On a more serious note, ChatGPT, ironically, does suck at webdev frontend. The one task that pretty much everyone agrees could be done by a monkey (given enough time) is the one it doesn’t understand at all.

Wanna bet this can be undone in 2 seconds by running an automatic script with basic image manipulation?

AI is here to stay – sure, it sucks to get plagiarized, but there are things artists can do which AI isn’t yet good at. Focus on that, instead of wasting time and energy on paliative solutions.

Got it, you’re a pitiful troll. I don’t care that your time is worthless, stop wasting mine.

Are you serious, or being a pitiful basement troll?

Action is not illegal → Service provider has unprivateable data on action → Action becomes illegal → You now have confessed to your crime

Can’t make it much more obvious

And many (most?) places in the world have single-party consent for sharing of private information.

The obvious, unspoken part is: what is legal now isn’t guaranteed to be legal two seconds in the future, and likewise to what is illegal. The law gives you no guarantee of being ethical nor moral, it’s simply a collection of behaviors either sanctioned or unsanctioned by the State.

As a clear example, you may tell me how much you love breathing in fresh air. If, tomorrow, breathing fresh air is made illegal, you’ve just shared with me a confession to a crime.

The only lives that are less valuable are those which deliberately risk or take way the others’ lives.

By choosing to be alive, you’re impacting all present and future generations, causing the deaths of potentially billions of humans and countless other animals. Do you see how your attempted distinction doesn’t actually exist?

You’re joking, right? First, abortions aren’t mentioned in the Brazilian constitution - you’d have to look at specific legal codices, such as the Civil Code or the Penal Code. Second, that’s the bare minimum, not “pretty good”.

Reading comprehension is hard, so I’ll help you out.

This [event mentioned on the news] is the perfect example of why you should be worried. Because your government can [i.e. has the potential to] turn into a fascist dictatorship at any time [which is unrelated to this specific piece of news, being a hypothetical scenario] and you ain’t getting that data back.

People change, but the Zuck clearly isn’t people. My money is on time-traveling robot.

By having your carbon footprint, you’re causing the death of billions of humans who would be alive in the future.

PSA: I’m neither American nor a lawyer, but AFAIK, US law forbids the indiscriminate investigation of foreign individuals to prosecute US citizens, so having your account in a foreign instance is one more layer of protection.