Firm believers in Marxism Leninism, cartoons, being a transwoman, and the need for Gulags (I will re-educate you ❤). A disillusioned ex lib and ex mormon, and resident of occupied hawaii. The Empire must burn.


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The article states that part of social score.

the article is bullshit, so yeah its going to reference other bullshit. You don’t know shit about china, you know it from these lazy articles.

Try not paying some bills and then take a train. Once you’re in the blacklist (失信黑名单) you’re basically fucked, as id cards are electronically checked at least 4x per trip

did you make up that fanfic in your own head or are you parroting one of your lib buddies

the social score

okay but yall know this thing is complete bullshit right?

Like that doesn’t actually exist for people

This is also for influencers, not everyone lol, most popular people have all this known on their version of wikipedia

dude its basically asking them to do a LinkedIn, not post their fucking address or something

but since its ebil china I guess they are just 1984 orwell googoogaga or whatever liberalism you ingest

if caring about privacy and not wanting companies and governments to watch everything you do is “the ideology of a suburb liberal”, then fine, I’m a “suburb liberal” lol

strawman, love to see it. How is any of what you said relevant?

Im unapologetic about my love of Marxist freedom, I wonder why you feel the need to hide your ideology…

sis if you have the ideology of a suburb liberal while not being one, you are an even sadder motherfucker than I thought you were

lol I have yet to see barely a finger lifted by suburb libs to do anything for the rest of us

transforming the conversation

are we ever going to do shit about it or are we going to continue to sit and talk about the same thing over and over uselessly